The Greenwood Band Program has an excellent format for teaching basic instrument technique. However, the most successful programs also have a very strong private lesson program. In the 1980’s, the Greenwood School Board approved private instruction during the school day. The opportunity for students to have one on one instruction makes the student more successful in a shorter period of time. This program is optional and comes with an additional cost to the parents. However, the excellent results that private instruction offers makes the monetary investment well worthwhile. With the goal of making your child as successful as possible, we strongly encourage you to consider private instruction.

Greenwood’s private lesson staff are all qualified to teach their specific instrument. We search to find not only fine musicians, but those who do an outstanding job of music instruction and can relate well with the students. At Greenwood, we do background checks on all staff to ensure a safe and educationally strong environment. All private instruction occurs under the supervision of an on-staff band director.

Payment for lessons should be made directly to the private lesson teacher. Payment is due at each weekly lesson or may be paid in advance. Payment must be made for all scheduled lessons. The only valid excuse for missing a lesson is that the student is not in school on the lesson day. It is extremely important that payment stay current with the lessons.

MIDDLE SCHOOL LESSON – $10.00 (20 minute lesson length)
HIGH SCHOOL LESSON – $15.00 (25 minute lesson length)
AFTER SCHOOL LESSON – $16.00 (30 minute lesson length)

The Greenwood Band Parent Organization feels so strongly about the private lesson program that they have established a special fund. The fund is to help those students who would like to study privately, but find it too costly. The Band Parent Organization will reimburse $5.00 for every verified lesson a student takes. A verification card can be obtained from the student’s band director. The student must pay the full amount and have the card filled out by the private lesson instructor at each lesson. When the card is completed the student should give it to their director so the parents can be reimbursed.

Please use this subsidy program only if financial assistance is needed.